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$35 plus $7 shipping and handling per shirt any size up to 5x. Shipped in all of the states even Alaska and Hawaii.    Check or money order to Donald Eugene Lowe Campaign For President

206 Van Zandt Street San Angelo, Texas USA 76905 once funds have cleared your shirt be mailed out to you.  Need to know size and how many and what design you want. Main shirts are Black in color. Breast Cancer and Heart Disease Awareness in pink shirts.  Military shirts are dark grey in color. Thank you and enjoy the site.

Presidential Candidate Donald Eugene Lowe Running For President

The 45th President if you choose me.

I am Presidential Candidate  Donald Eugene Lowe of Texas, Your Independent Write in Candidate from the Working Class. I'm committed to making your voice heard on Capitol Hill. I want to be an active role in making my community, state and country a safer, better place to raise our families, and forge a future filled with promise of a better tomorrow..  The True American Dream.

If you share a common  vision, I urge you to support  me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our country. One nation under God together we are stronger than ever..............................

My campaign started in June 2013. I work full time and I campaign full time. So far I have campaigned in 47 of the states in person, so many people from around the world know who I am now and only going to get more.

.In my campaign you will learn about me and what I am hoping to bring to the table if I become the next President of The United States.

~~::Disclaimer::: I Donald Eugene Lowe of San Angelo, Texas do approve this website and all within it and any audio you may hear me speak, I am the designer and the writer, I am the one who has paid for this website and my campaign so far, No I am not rich, I live pay check to pay check just like most of you do. end of disclaimer :::::::


The FEC requires this disclaimer about the t-shirts and moneys.

Please read donate page as well.

When you buy my t-shirts it is a contribution to a political campaign. This is a solicitation for funding/ money per t-shirt and this webpage of this website.

No company or Federal Contractor or a person who is not a U.S Citizen may buy these t-shirts.

No matter how much you may like them. However what your family or friends that are U.S. Citizens  do with the t-shirts is up to them far that is out of my campaign and control.

While I support our military and other causes the money raised is for a Political Campaign to pay for people to work,  advertising, transportation of the campaign, any fees that come with running for The Office Of The President Of The united States.

(Yes there are fees in doing this.)

Thank you. Donald Eugene Lowe


Freedom of speech even in my campaign. It is about time we all start to change the way we do things.

Lord, I ask upon you to forgive us and never forget the love you have for us. Take care of our troops that protect us, we need you to protect them. I know I am a sinner. As far as I and my house we will serve you. For our children give them a loving home and family. And I pray for those who are lost you will find them and help them find you in their life. Thank you Jesus for all you do for us. Amen ​ Donald E. Lowe

First Lady Jonalyn Bachicha (Lowe)

10th President with a beard or facial hair. 1913 was last one with hair.