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WELCOME TO Donald Eugene Lowe


It's a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real pro. You can count on Donald Eugene Lowe Campaign for President to get you anywhere worth being gotten to.

ABOUT Donald Eugene Lowe Campaign for President

I been helping people like you get to their destination since 1979.
That's when I came into the world.
I am just like you. 


206 Van Zandt ST San Angelo TX 76905 US

Thank you all who serve.
I been within a few hours of every American citizen within the 48 states.

Paid for by Donald Eugene Lowe Campaign for President. I approve.

Donate to my campaign $40 or more I will send you a free campaign t-shirt. Up to 5x.

I wear 5x they are true 5x. The pink really seams to glow in the sunlight.

The Law.

$50 or less cash need nothing about you.

check, money order,  bankcard or credit card need your name, employer and occupation. $250 or more need contact info too. Max you can donate to any political campaign $2,700.

To donate to a political campaign must be U.S. Citizen or a green card holder.

Everyone else if you have someone who wants to give you their shirt that is between you two.

I have decided to not take donations online. This is to keep you safe. With all the online fraud going on the other campaigns will have problems I will not.


Go to a more fare tax.  7% flat income tax for everyone.

Lower the tax on a company while boosting the economy.


Many things need to looked at and addressed.

From the VA to death benefits.

From recruiting to deployment.

From peace time and war.

From health to payroll.

Funding to get the job done.