​Restoring Our Freedoms.​​ 

What is your freedom worth to you?​​

Let freedom in. The Liberty Bell has rung saying it's time.

​The Statue of Liberty is a reminder to all of freedom.

​We the people need someone who can and will do right for the people.

I Donald Eugene Lowe will defend us and protect us. I will speak up for each of you the best I can.

In God we trust.

​In Jesus name. Amen.

​With the help of Mr. Richardson together we will create a better tomorrow for all people of the United States. We will be here for each of you even when times get hard.

​Mr. Vice President Shaun R. Richardson was born in New Orleans, LA and served in the U.S. Army for 7 years. He has been deployed at least in Iraq, Turkey, Kosovo, Poland. Hungary to name a few places  as he severed in the Army. He has 3 achievement Medals. 

​With rank of Sergeant and a Bachelors of Arts in retail management and 4 beautiful children and a wife to be, he is an honorable, great man to help me lead this country from the dark places of bad leadership and brighter tomorrow to come.

​Thank you Shaun for keeping America free and the still the greatest country on Earth.

​To all who serve thank you.

My dog tags were made by Presidential staff. I never was enlisted, I have been on so many bases. During war I hauled missiles, guns and ammunition, clothes, parts for anything that broke down, and even letters from home to our troops giving them hope.

It has been an honor doing my part for you.

My campaign started June 2013 and this year of 2016 I have run under these areas for President a 1st I think but no way to know for sure.  As President it is my honor to represent all of the people of the USA no matter what party you are or who you are.

The cheapest candidate you will ever meet. Others spend millions I spend less than $18,000 in total so far with one donation of $40 to campaign in person in 48 states. I am on campaign almost every day where I talk about politics and God and Jesus.

I have gotten good at this. Enjoy my website and everything I state is true 100% or at least 99.9% just in case I forgot something.

Paid for by Donald Eugene Lowe

Paid for by Donald Eugene Lowe

​Running mate Vice President Shaun Reynard Richardson

Keep America Free​TMIndependent, write-in, Constitution,   

Libertarian, Republican Alternate, 

Presidential Candidate

Donald Eugene Lowe

Paid for by:

Presidential Candidate

Donald Eugene Lowe 

​"Helping Americans take care of America"

Alternate President-Elect

Donald Eugene Lowe

By using the laws I am.