​Restoring Our Freedoms.

Less Government. 

What is your freedom worth to you?

​Freedom in taxes where you choose

​how much you pay into the taxation

​by how much you spend.

​Close the IRS and we never have income

income taxes again.

​A true healthcare.

​Freedom in healthcare.

You choose the doctor

​and hospitals anywhere you want in the USA.

Only $25 a month.

​No more government healthcare giving freedom

back to the states and the people.

Let our troops use VA or choose what doctors and hospitals they need.

​Freedom in the Right to Bare Arms.

​Thank all who serve in the U.S. Military.

Let freedom in. The Liberty Bell has rung saying it's time.

​The Statue of Liberty is a reminder to all of freedom.

​We the people need someone who can and will do right for the people.

I Donald Eugene Lowe will defend us and protect us. I will speak up for each of you the best I can.

In God we trust.

​In Jesus name. Amen.

​With the help of Mr. Richardson together we will create a better tomorrow for all people of the United States. We will be here for each of you even when times get hard.

​Mr. Vice President Shaun R. Richardson was in the U.S. Army for 7 years. He has been deployed at least in Iraq, Turkey, Kosovo, Poland. Hungary to name a few places he severed in the Army. He has 3 achievement Medals. 

​With rank of Sergeant and a Bachelors of Arts in retail management and 4 beautiful children and a wife to be, he is an honorable, great man to help me lead this country from the dark places of bad leadership and brighter tomorrow to come.

​Thank you Shaun for keeping America free and the still the greatest country on Earth.

​To all who serve thank you.

​Coming soon my campaign will be broadcasting live events. Will be broadcasting live when I can.

Watch some funny political humor. R.I.P. man

Paid for by Donald Eugene Lowe

Presidential Electors

I am looking for people in all of the states to be Presidential Electors.

Age 25 and older

​U.S. Citizen

​registered to vote

​Not a convicted Felon

​If you like to make history send me a real letter to my address on the contact page. Not an email.

​Name, address, contact info. Voter number if you know it.

​I will submit you to the state as an Elector.

​Can not vote in the primary election.

​The Electoral College has nothing to do with the elections at all. They only keep records nothing more.

​Each Candidate get 538 Presidential Electors.

​"Helping Americans take care of America"

Paid for by:

Presidential Candidate

Donald Eugene Lowe 

​To watch the live broadcast click on the Live TV Donald to see.

​Up top or right here.

​Come join in the Worldwide Broadcast of the Campaign of Donald Eugene Lowe.

​​Looking at doing it every week.  Had to order more stuff to keep the broadcasting live and interactive with you the people.

You can see the live broadcast on this website.



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